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                                                                                  January, 19-20, 2015,Melbourne, Australia

                                                                                  2015 5th International Conference on Education and Sports Education (ESE 2015) will held on January 19-20, 2015, Melbourne, Australia.

                                                                                  ESE 2015 is co-sponsored by Singapore Management and Sports Science Institute, Singapore and Academic Conference Institute, USA . All papers accepted will be indexed by Web of Science Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Social Sciences and Humanities as like 2010 . You are invited to contribute papers either in English or Chinese, which must include English title, abstract and references.

                                                                                  ESE2015 All accepted papers will be published by Singapore Management and Sports Science Institute

                                                                                  (Lecture Notes in Management Science, ISSN 2251-3051).


                                                                                  Singapore Management and Sports Science Institute (Lecture Notes in Management Science, ISSN 2251-3051) has been indexed by CPCI-SSH since volume 1

                                                                                  Submission Methods (Please send your paper before January 01,2015):

                                                                                  1. Submission system:


                                                                                  2. E-mailIf you can not submission your paper ,please use it):


                                                                                  Contacts :


                                                                                  Tel: 027-87772193


                                                                                  Blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1731431960

                                                                                  Topics( The Conference covered the following areas, but not limited to the following areas. )

                                                                                  1. Education and sports culture, history and philosophy, nationwide system research, traditional sports, sports management, sports media, sports, economy, sports law, Olympic studies, ecological problems / green sports, gene ethical

                                                                                  2.the education of computer education, computer-aided instruction, Network University, online courses, computer network, computer distance education, distance education in rural areas, education, information technology, education, technical standards, calculated thinking computer research, educational technology ability training teaching resources, effective application design, development and application of modern distance education resources research, innovative research of colleges and universities online education, vocational and technical education in the application of educational technology, teacher education, technical training and professional development of teachers study digital sports research, new the application of technology in the field of teaching, new learning and teaching in the information technology environment

                                                                                  3.classroom teaching, foreign language teaching, mathematics education research, physics teaching, chemistry teaching and research, management science teaching and research, lifelong education research, special populations, computer education

                                                                                  4.education and sports sociology and social sciences

                                                                                  Sports resources of global liquidity trends and social issues, the international competitiveness of the sports industry

                                                                                  5. Sports Pedagogy

                                                                                  "Health" requirements under the mandate and role of the physical education teachers, sports training students in the West Physical Education Thought, sports health education role

                                                                                  6.the physical research and health promotion

                                                                                  The physique health promotion to study the epidemiology of sports injuries, physical detection and disease prevention, treatment, tai chi and traditional Chinese martial arts

                                                                                  7.Athletic Training

                                                                                  Sports technology innovation research, theory and method of practice, the coaches coaching in the athlete selection and early training, sports training to adapt to and control of new technology in sports training

                                                                                  8.exercise physiology, biochemistry and nutrition

                                                                                  Physiological function of physical monitoring and evaluation, heart and lung function and exercise capacity, bone, joints, ligaments, muscles, and other organizations, sports nutrition, weight control and obesity, a new theory of biomarker detection, motion adaptive and exercise prescription, biomedical new Physiological and biochemical basis of technology and sports medicine research, hypoxic training

                                                                                  9.Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

                                                                                  Of genes and genetic sports, sports injury prevention, first aid and rehabilitation, and the role of Chinese traditional massage and acupuncture treatment, of doping detection technology and research, Chinese herbal medicine, professional contact sports medicine

                                                                                  10.Sports Biomechanics

                                                                                  Sports biomechanics studies, sport technique analysis, strength training mechanism of biomechanics, sports biomechanics in orthopedic, injury prevention and rehabilitation medicine

                                                                                  11 Sports Psychology

                                                                                  Exercise and mental health, and the race psychology, mental training and psychological therapy, neuroscience

                                                                                  12.adapt to the sport

                                                                                  New technologies and Paralympic sports, disabled sports, Special Olympic Movement

                                                                                  13. Sports Engineering

                                                                                  The application of information technology in sport, sports engineering disciplines construction, sports system simulation, engineering exercise and health, physical measurement, statistics and evaluation, management techniques of the sports organizations, sports mathematical modeling, the development of sports biomechanics equipment, sports instrument Equipment Research, National Fitness and related equipment, sports systems engineering, electronic sports, computer-aided physical education, sports engineering and construction of sports equipment disciplines, sports apparel and leisure products, R & D




                                                                                  會議時間: 2015119-20

                                                                                  2015年第五屆教育和體育教育國際學術研討會議將於2015119-20在澳洲墨爾本召開。會議由美國學術會議學會和新加坡管理與運動科學研究學會聯合主辦,新加坡管理與運動科學研究學會出版 ,所有錄用的論文將被CPCI-SSH檢索,2010年 ,2011,2012年和2013年所有文章已經在會後3-6個月被CPCI-SSH檢索 。 投稿中英文均可,但必須有英文題目和英文摘要 ,以及英文參考文獻 。


                                                                                  1 、教育與體育文化、歷史與哲學、舉國體制研究、民族傳統體育、體育管理學、體育傳媒、體育經濟、體育法學、奧林匹克研究、生態問題 / 綠色體育、基因倫理道德



                                                                                  4 、教育與體育社會學及社會科學 、體育資源全球流動的趨勢及社會問題的研究、體育產業國際競爭力研究

                                                                                  5 、體育教育學、 在以“健康第一”要求下體育教師的任務和作用、體育生的培訓、 中、西方體育教育思想比較、體育對健康教育的促進作用

                                                                                  6、 體質研究與健康促進

                                                                                  體質與健康促進研究、 運動損傷的流行病學、體質檢測及疾病的預防、治療、太極拳及中國傳統武術

                                                                                  7 、運動訓練學

                                                                                  運動技術創新研究、 教練員執教中的理論與方法實踐、運動員選材及早期培養、運動訓練適應與控制、新科技在體育訓練中的應用

                                                                                  8 、運動生理、生物化學與營養

                                                                                  體能監測與評價、心肺功能與運動能力、骨、關節、韌帶、肌肉等組織的生理機能研究、運動與營養、體重控制與肥胖、生物標記物檢測、運動適應及運動處方、 生物醫學新理論新技術與運動醫學研究、低氧訓練的生理生化基礎研究

                                                                                  9 、運動醫學與康復


                                                                                  10 、運動生物力學

                                                                                  運動生物力學的方法學研究、運動技術分析、力量訓練的生物力學機理、 運動生物力學在矯形、損傷預防和康復醫學中的應用研究

                                                                                  11 、運動心理學


                                                                                  12 、適應體育運動


                                                                                  13 、體育工程

                                                                                  信息技術在體育運動中的應用、體育工程學科建設、體育系統仿真 、運動與健康工程技術、體育測量、統計與評價 、體育組織管理技術、體育數學建模 、運動生物力學與器械開發 、體育儀器器材研究、全民健身與相關器材研究 、體育系統工程 、電子競技相關研究、計算機輔助體育教育、體育工程與體育裝備學科建設 、體育服裝與休閒產品的研發

                                                                                  會議時間 2015-01-192015-01-20

                                                                                  會議地點 澳大利亞墨爾本

                                                                                  主辦單位 IERI(美國信息工程學會

                                                                                  聯繫人 Mr.Zhang

                                                                                  電話 8613545174244

                                                                                  Email ese2015@163.com

                                                                                  會議規模 100人以上

                                                                                  官方網址 http://www.ese-conf.net/index.htm

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