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                                                          Athletic Events

                                                          It's a Big Night: Grand Opening Ceremony of 2016 CCNU Sports Meeting
                                                          The opening ceremony of the 2016 CCNU Sports Meeting was held in You Ming sta-dium on the evening of Nov. 3rd. Major School leaders, Huang Yonglin, Huang Xiaomei, Cai Hong-sheng, Wang Enke, Qin Hong, Peng Nansheng, along with Wang Yongzhang (Vice-Chairman of Chinese Culture Promotion Association), Li Fengliang (Deputy Party Secretary of the So...

                                                          Faculty Highlights


                                                          Doctoral Student Enrollment Specialty Directory of School of Physical Education for 2017
                                                          ​ Doctoral Student Enrollment Specialty Directory of School of Physical Education for 2017 Specialty code, Name, research direction Enrollment Mentor Test Subject Code and Name Remarks School of Physical Education Tel: 027-67868314 10 (Including 3 Minority Cadre Plan Students) 040301 Sports Humanities and Socio...

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